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One may reproach her for her undue attachment to material possessions, but it must be acknowledged that affluence gives her a wonderful feeling of well-being. Underlying her love of work is perhaps her deep-seated horror of want and financial debt. The girl Ox is a very private person in general, keeping only her friends and family close. Unfortunately death spares nobody, and the lost of each loved one is uniformly felt by her as a great tragedy; this excessive reaction may have the effect of rendering her moody and melancholic from around the age of fifty onwards. She is also less mistrustful, more expansive than he. Although she feels in no way inferior to members of the stronger sex, she generally does not want to compete with them in society and prefers, as far as circumstances permit it, to stay indoors and assume a full-time domestic role.

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She looks on feminist claims of equality with men as sheer nonsense, believing sincerely that the two sexes are not comparable and that anyway it is as fine to be a woman as a man.

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She runs her house with remarkable precision and efficiency, and has a reputation for her sense of order and economy. No household or family task seems beneath her; domestic chores of all description always give her great satisfactions. She is capable of everything for those whom she loves and always gives them the best of herself. The Ox woman is a simple person, generally modest, and loves to talk. But this woman refuses to play second fiddle to anyone in her own home; she must wear the trousers and be in the position of command — or she will die! A distinct difference in the woman Ox is their general lack of need for the opposite sex.

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